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About Me

thattalldudeShawn Kirsch

Shawn is a ‘Geek of all Trades’ who found himself in a war with testicular cancer in 2018. He has been married to the beautiful Tiahna since 2017, and works as the Teck Director at Ransom Church in Sioux Falls, SD. He cheers for the Spurs and Cowboys, enjoys a variety of geeky pursuits, and has a passion for helping people take their live production events to the next level. He is now five years cancer free.

In addition to working with corporate events, Shawn hopes to leverage his skills and resources to help small churches level up their technical capabilities with a long-term outlook, maximizing their limited resources. He has a desire to share stories from people working around the world via video, and he seeks to help tell those stories in a captivating and engaging way.