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There Is Freedom

I’m just past the two-year mark of accepting the Tech Director Job at Ransom Church. So in just a few months, it will be two years that we have lived here in the Sioux Falls area. In that time, Tiah also accepted a job at Ransom, and it’s been such a great move for us.

It was a decision we wrestled with. In Bismarck, we were part of the Missio launch team, which has since found a home and holds weekly services.« Read the rest

Incremental Improvements

Incremental Improvements

Last weekend I overheard a comment during the photo slideshow at the Steer Missions Banquet, “A third of these pictures look amazing.” To be fair, all of the pictures were great, but the point being made was the other two-thirds of the pictures look the same as they would any other year. Many venues go long periods without aesthetic refreshes, so it’s up to each event to make the space unique. For Steer, this shows what incremental improvements can do for an event.« Read the rest