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What Does A Gift Mean To You?

As I sit down to put thoughts onto the screen, it’s 138 days until Christmas. Many of us will sit down with family in four months, two weeks, and two days to open presents. This can be a special time for those with the love language of giving (or maybe receiving) gifts. So I ask: What does a gift mean to you?

Some people relish giving gifts; others dread it. Some of us don’t have the emotional needle moved with a gift, while some will be launched into an aura of happiness for days.« Read the rest

The Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting

It’s been just over two years since we moved to South Dakota. One of our challenges when moving was the housing market. Many places sold within hours. Others had generous cash offers without inspection or appraisal. And we wanted a few specific things in our house.

One particular was a space where we could host groups from church. Another, which was extra important to me, was a usable kitchen. Whoever keeps putting sinks in the middle of an island, please stop.« Read the rest

There Is Freedom

I’m just past the two-year mark of accepting the Tech Director Job at Ransom Church. So in just a few months, it will be two years that we have lived here in the Sioux Falls area. In that time, Tiah also accepted a job at Ransom, and it’s been such a great move for us.

It was a decision we wrestled with. In Bismarck, we were part of the Missio launch team, which has since found a home and holds weekly services.« Read the rest