Thankful Thoughts


Weekend Update

There is much I am thankful for, but first, the weekend was good. The drugs for the hiccups have been a real blessing, which has helped me sleep better. Also, not having to get treatments for a couple days improved my sleep and appetite. Getting several good meals in over the weekend was encouraging. Today we returned for a weekly treatment, but were out in less than an hour. Unfortunately, without some of the steroids getting pumped into me all week, it’s likely that some significant side effects could manifest later this week. This does make sense, but I was hoping the slow weeks would still be better weeks. Fatigue comes and goes as well. One moment I can feel fine, then I can take a shower and my energy is gone. I would like to be tired enough to get good naps or alert enough to do something productive, as opposed to the middle ground I so often find myself in. (more…)