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Jesus, No Plan B

Jesus, No Plan B

About a year ago, Tiah and I became involved in a church plant. Saturday evening was the first preview service. It was a great night, another step on the journey to having weekly services. But on the journey, we first had to learn what church is about.

Maybe you think you already know, and some of you might. But if you aren’t doing anything that shows you know, then it’s fair to question if you do.

It’s easy to say church isn’t a building.« Read the rest

I’m Tired

I’m Tired

Please bear with me. This is not a post of great inspiration. There’s no great insight or helpful how to. This is a post of reflection, of expression, of putting a variety of thoughts into words. It is a collection of thoughts from weeks, months, years of life. There’s things I have no control over, things I may never get closure on, and things that may change with time.« Read the rest

Life and Social Distancing

Life and Social Distancing

What a crazy time we are living in. Toilet paper disappears from stores as fast as it appears, restaurants are nearly empty, businesses are finally letting more people do remote work (how many of you need to be in the office all the time to do your job?), travel is being restricted, the list goes on. Life as we know it has been upended, but we don’t need to panic. Today I bring you a collection of thoughts on an assortment of topics.« Read the rest

Enhance The Gospel

Enhance The Gospel

“This is to enhance the gospel!”

It bothers me every time I hear that. Our opening keynote speaker said it. It’s almost always about the technology used in churches. Audio, video, lights, computers, iPads, phones, fog machines, lasers; apparently, they can all somehow make the Gospel better.

I strongly disagree. That may sound strange coming from a guy who is passionate about technology and how it can be used to help the church, but it’s true. I remain in favor of better mics, the best speakers we can get, brighter projectors and video walls, a more powerful computer, and dramatic lighting, but not because any of it can enhance the Gospel.« Read the rest

I’m Healthy

“I’m healthy!” That’s what I said when I ran into Val, one of my oncology nurses, today. After last year, it’s nice to run into people from the hospital and be able to tell and show them that you made it through. Of course, while completely true, there is a little more to it than that.

We’ve been preoccupied the past few weeks, so this update comes after a delay, but we recently made the trek back to Mayo to make sure I’m still cancer-free, and in that regard, everything looks great.« Read the rest

One Year Later

At this time one year ago, I was sitting with my wife in the oncologist’s office, having just found out my testicular cancer had spread upwards before they got to it. We had been rushed down there so we could get the process rolling to begin chemo.

The events at that point were a little blurry. You’re trying to process the news you’ve just been given, the vast uncertainties of what is to come, what’s going to happen with work (it was crunch time at that moment), and a million other thoughts spinning around your brain, when the doctor comes in to talk about things, of which you’ll promptly forget most of.« Read the rest

Stay Home 2018

Today is Black Friday Stay Home 2018, and many of you are hoping to get a few deals. Here’s a handful of things you may want to look at, and a small collection of things I noticed at Amazon (side note: do not think this is a reflection of a personal wish list). Some of these links will give me a small kickback, so if you’re looking at any of these purchases, please use these links. Bonus: You don’t have to leave the house.« Read the rest

Thanks From Trials

This has been a challenging year. I never imagined I’d have to deal with cancer, yet here I am getting ready to return to work next week. It’s a little cliche to do a generic thankful post on Thanksgiving like everyone else, but I’m doing it anyway. Here are some of my thanks from trials this year.« Read the rest

AV Integrator, Friend or Foe?

Something I’ve had to learn over the years is the importance of cultivating my relationship with good integrators, as well as how to better identify the poor ones. There have also been some lessons in that, just like me, they can get better with time. It’s so important to find ones you can trust, for when you get in a bind, they’ll be your best resource. However, we must be discerning. The one down the street might be feeding you the corporate line, and the sheer size of a more nationally known one might fool us into believing they know more than they do.« Read the rest