One thing that should come as a surprise to no one is cancer is expensive. I haven’t looked at things in as much detail as Tiah, but she tells me each chemo treatment is thousands of dollars. Thank goodness for insurance! Nevertheless, even with insurance picking up most of the expenses, there will still be thousands of dollars for us to pay before this is all over with. Along with that comes shifts in priorities and timelines with our finances. (more…)

Manic Monday

round 2

Back Pain

This weekend was a little miserable for me. Over the course of last week a pain started to grow in my mid-back. Right as the weekend hit the pain jumped up to a new level, which made simply existing a lousy thing. On Saturday my massager arrived, which is nice and helped with the pain, but it was only a band-aid on something that seemed to be a larger issue. So first thing this morning we drug ourselves out of bed to visit Chuppe Chiropractic as soon as they opened. Thankfully they were able to get me in right away and noted that my back is pretty tight. They helped loosen me up and I have felt better today, hopefully in the follow up visits they can get me squared away and this won’t come up again. This is how we’ve begun round two of chemo for this cancer. Maybe not quite a manic Monday, but nonetheless a lot going on. (more…)

Chelsea Berler: Warrior

Chelsea BerlerToday I would like to give a shout out to Chelsea Berler. I came to know Chelsea via Twitter around 10 years ago, back when it was geeks and early adopters and still a place of conversation. We share the bond of being small town North Dakota kids, specifically, southwest North Dakota. I’ve been able to watch from afar as Chelsea has built her business, the Solamar Agency, into a well regarded house of creativity. Chelsea was also diagnosed with breast cancer, and has been battling it for some time. (more…)

Week Three


Quarter Done

As we wrap up week three of this process, it signifies what we hope to be the quarter done mark. Four rounds of three weeks is the goal, and I hope that visits with the doctor next week come with indications that things are progressing well, that the chemo is working as intended. The side effects have not yet been as bad as expected, but I can definitely tell my immune system is worn down, and I am noticeably tired for much of the day. (more…)

Cancer Is Real

Streaking Traffic

The Blur

On April 12 I had a surgery to remove a mass from my right testicle. Our focus immediately following that was of recovering from that surgery, but that soon enough turned into a mad dash. On the day it was confirmed to be cancer, it launched us into a barrage of pre-chemo checkups, notifying family and close friends, and preparing ourselves as best we could with our jobs, volunteer activities, and side hustles. This carried over into the first week of chemo, getting to the hospital first thing every morning, and trying to have some semblance of normal in the evening. Then we got to last week. (more…)

Things We Like: Water Bottles


New Water Bottles

My loving wife demanded I get some new water bottles. This is probably three times more than I need, but there are some conveniences to having more than one. We still have an out sized supply of water bottles for two people though, looking forward to that next rummage sale. (more…)

Thankful Thoughts


Weekend Update

There is much I am thankful for, but first, the weekend was good. The drugs for the hiccups have been a real blessing, which has helped me sleep better. Also, not having to get treatments for a couple days improved my sleep and appetite. Getting several good meals in over the weekend was encouraging. Today we returned for a weekly treatment, but were out in less than an hour. Unfortunately, without some of the steroids getting pumped into me all week, it’s likely that some significant side effects could manifest later this week. This does make sense, but I was hoping the slow weeks would still be better weeks. Fatigue comes and goes as well. One moment I can feel fine, then I can take a shower and my energy is gone. I would like to be tired enough to get good naps or alert enough to do something productive, as opposed to the middle ground I so often find myself in. (more…)

In Sickness And In Health

Honeymoon Pics

Sickness Questions

There have been several questions as to more particulars of what’s going on with the sickness and how we got here, which we haven’t elaborated on yet, so I guess this is going to be that post. Thank you all so much for the support you have shown thus far. Most of you know well of my high geek factor in a variety of areas, so it should come as no surprise one of the most motivating things for me right now is doing a little web development, a bit of blogging, and seeing your comments on the posts. I opted to go full public with everything, so don’t feel like you need to keep it a secret, feel free to share posts if you desire. From time to time we’ll put up some posts that aren’t directly cancer related as well, in part to keep it interesting and in part because there’s some things Tiah and I enjoy that we see others asking opinions about from time to time. (more…)

Blessings In Chemo

Getting Chemo


Today is the second day of treatments. We are able to start first thing in the morning, which is good, but it wasn’t any easier to get out of bed today. Tiah is providing some laughs as her ponytail keeps sweeping under the hand sanitizer, foaming her hair. One of the lovely nurses also informed us that my particular chemo treatment is the most nauseating one, so I have every incentive to drink an abundance of water, which apparently helps flush the chemo out after it has done its thing. (more…)

Here’s Your Sign


As I searched for “thattalldude” on namecheap it was more of a random thought than an expectation. Yet somehow, there it was. Thattalldude.com was available again. It had been a painful lesson when I finally went to renew that domain years ago only to find I had waited too long and someone else grabbed it, and they wanted to sell it for $8000. It’s been nearly 10 years but I have it again, and that was the only sign I needed that now is the time to fire up the blog again. It’s poorly thrown together with a theme I haven’t bothered to learn the ins and outs of, so forgive the bugs that are sure to pop up, as well as the word dump before you. (more…)