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The Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting

It’s been just over two years since we moved to South Dakota. One of our challenges when moving was the housing market. Many places sold within hours. Others had generous cash offers without inspection or appraisal. And we wanted a few specific things in our house.

One particular was a space where we could host groups from church. Another, which was extra important to me, was a usable kitchen. Whoever keeps putting sinks in the middle of an island, please stop.« Read the rest

Stay Home 2018

Today is Black Friday Stay Home 2018, and many of you are hoping to get a few deals. Here’s a handful of things you may want to look at, and a small collection of things I noticed at Amazon (side note: do not think this is a reflection of a personal wish list). Some of these links will give me a small kickback, so if you’re looking at any of these purchases, please use these links. Bonus: You don’t have to leave the house.« Read the rest

Things We Like: Water Bottles


New Water Bottles

My loving wife demanded I get some new water bottles. This is probably three times more than I need, but there are some conveniences to having more than one. We still have an out sized supply of water bottles for two people though, looking forward to that next rummage sale.« Read the rest