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New Water Bottles

My loving wife demanded I get some new water bottles. This is probably three times more than I need, but there are some conveniences to having more than one. We still have an out sized supply of water bottles for two people though, looking forward to that next rummage sale.

The Zulu Atlas Glass Water Bottle is my favorite. I find straws annoying and the pop open top allows me to freely drink when I’m thirsty. There is also a locking slider if you’re worried about the lid randomly popping open. I’ve used one of these for nearly 2 years and it’s proven to be incredibly durable. The rubber cover is easy to grip and offers an added layer of protection, but the thick glass really takes a beating. I did crack the lid at one point but was able to replace that alone.

I am all about the glass water bottle because of taste. At some point in time, every plastic and stainless steel based bottle I tried had a shifted taste after some time. Not so with glass! Week after week, month after month, water is just water, no metallic or plastic taste like all the others. There is also a smaller 16 oz bottle that I ordered this time around, which is plastic. I’ll use that for a drink mix I like, as the pouches are sized for 16 ounces of water. If you want a nice water bottle for your kids this is also an excellent choice.

Click any of the links above to check them out at Amazon, we’ll get a small percentage if you decide to buy one.

Life Update

I woke up feeling relatively refreshed, with the longest uninterrupted sleep of the last 2 weeks. This prompted the idea for a breakfast date, which was wonderful. Tiah hoped for a date night before chemo started, but all the work trying to prepare some things before the great unknowns of how I’d react to everything derailed that dream. We went to Avery’s AM Eatery, part of ‘The District’ here in Bismarck. It’s a small space with great food and low weekday traffic, so it’s a good spot to get out without having to be around too many people. The burritos are always excellent, but today I was very happy with the Loaded Eggs Hash, it really hit the spot.

The rest of the day has not been as energetic. Upon returning home my energy quickly drained, and there has been several hours of intermittent sleep while either Psych or Arrested Development runs on the TV. I prefer watching things I’ve already seen when I’m tired, it removes any battle to fight sleep as opposed to missing part of the plot.

I am learning that breakfast is far and away the best meal of the day for me. The rest of the day my hunger wanes and it’s more of an effort to eat because I know I need to, not because I feel hungry. In an effort to help stay hydrated, it also seems it may be wise to have a ready supply of cucumbers, watermelon, and other high water content snacks on hand. Fortunately, there still has not been issues with nausea, a true blessing.

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