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How To Help

Helping HandNeither of us really know what to expect until we see how Shawn responds to treatments. We’re also both quite independent and not good at asking for help, we’re more accustomed to answering the call when someone else needs help. This page is sure to evolve over the coming weeks, but here’s a handful of things that you may be able to do.


  • Netflix/iTunes Gift Cards – It’s likely Shawn will spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch resting. You can help keep him entertained. iTunes cards are fantastic for stay at home date nights.
  • Amazon Gift Cards – We do a lot via Amazon. Gift cards keep our cash flow freed up for Sanford bills.
  • Wash Our Dishes – Tiah hates that this is on here, but she also hates doing dishes. Shawn has been a little restricted from some of the things he usually does around the house. Best if you don’t ask about it and just start doing them.
  • Hang Out With Shawn – He’s not a social butterfly, but it will be good for him to visit with people. Just come to hang out. Just watching a movie together would be great. Only 2 or 3 people at a time, and don’t come if you’re in any way sick. The weeks without chemo every day are good to visit.
  • Hang Out With Tiah – She wants to be there for Shawn all of the time – she’s passing ‘in sickness and in health’ with flying colors – but don’t let her spend all her time at home. Make her get out of the house sometimes for a girls night, or a Target trip, or whatever you can do to occupy her for a couple hours. Don’t let her stop living her life.
  • Meals – It finally hit us the other night why meal trains will be nice – some days cooking is another thing we don’t want to deal with. Shawn’s appetite has been holding up well, and he likes trying out your special dishes. You can sign up for a meal here.
  • Take Shawn To Appointments – Again, Tiah wants to be there every step of the way, but it will be good for both of us to have someone else jump in from time to time. Just hanging out there with Shawn is enough. He’s content to sit on his computer, you can read a book or whatever. Small talk is not his gift.
  • Pray – At some point in time, there will be a story to tell about this, and how the Lord worked, and maybe something He revealed to us. Until then, pray for quick and total healing, encouragement, and that His light may shine through us everywhere we go.
  • Affiliate Links – Scroll down to the affiliate links in the footer. If you click through those links to shop at those places, we’ll get a small cut, which will help with the coming bills.