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round 3

We have begun Round 3. This seventh week marks the beginning of what we expect to be the last half of treatments for cancer. Reviewing the blood work yesterday, our doctors have noted that everything continues to look great! The key cancer indicators continue to drop, and while the white cell count was a bit low again, it isn’t stopping us from charging ahead. Chemo side effects continue to be minimal, although I have a new appreciation for those with tinnitus. We are trusting it is a side effect that will fully go away once this is over with and there is time to recover from it, but for now it is an annoyance, as well as a struggle for me. My hearing has always proven to be excellent, so it’s hard to hear things and know I am not hearing them as they should be.

One thing the doctor noted yesterday, which he has told us before but I hadn’t really processed until now, is a trip to Mayo could still be in the cards. When we get through the chemo process and hopefully find all the indicators show the cancer is gone, there is still the potential of a benign mass remaining that they may want to remove before it becomes a problem. There is still much to get through before that determination is made, but would still be a significant surgery with its own recovery process.

On a more blog note, we’ve been working through some technical issues for you. We launched a feature that will notify you via email when there is a new post, then promptly found out it wasn’t working correctly. That has since been fixed after some tech support conversations, and you can sign up here if you would like to receive it. The next task is to get the calendar updated with the new appointments we have.

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