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I’m Healthy

“I’m healthy!” That’s what I said when I ran into Val, one of my oncology nurses, today. After last year, it’s nice to run into people from the hospital and be able to tell and show them that you made it through. Of course, while completely true, there is a little more to it than that.

We’ve been preoccupied the past few weeks, so this update comes after a delay, but we recently made the trek back to Mayo to make sure I’m still cancer-free, and in that regard, everything looks great.« Read the rest

One Year Later

At this time one year ago, I was sitting with my wife in the oncologist’s office, having just found out my testicular cancer had spread upwards before they got to it. We had been rushed down there so we could get the process rolling to begin chemo.

The events at that point were a little blurry. You’re trying to process the news you’ve just been given, the vast uncertainties of what is to come, what’s going to happen with work (it was crunch time at that moment), and a million other thoughts spinning around your brain, when the doctor comes in to talk about things, of which you’ll promptly forget most of.« Read the rest

What We Haven’t Told You

Long time, no blog post. Sorry about that! We have been very busy the last couple of months. And are actually back at Mayo as I write this. Let me catch you up!


After Shawn’s [8.5 hour] surgery, he spent 5 days in the Mayo Clinic Hospital. He has a gnarly 18-inch scar, about 39 fewer lymph nodes, and a story to tell! Shawn’s recovery went shockingly well. He didn’t have any complications post surgery and was able to manage his pain really well from the get-go.« Read the rest